I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the webpage of Polish company "Sentocom", which specializes in production of chromed motorcycles' accessories.

I am joining other riders' passion, fans of classic motorcycles, and I know how much accessories matter for them - accessories whose right style reaches not only the rider's well-being, but also catches passers-by' attention and makes our motorcycle unusual.

The target of "Sentocom" company is to deliver to our customers complete sets of elements for customizing your wonderful machines. Our activity is based on production of high quality chromed elements for the price which will be acceptable for every rider. We act on advice and attendance of chrome and steal specialists. In the production process every element must pass detailed quality control before it will go to selling. Thanks to this, once bought element will never be below your expectations.
Please, consider our offer and do not hesitate to contact us every time you need.
Andrew Skiba